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Kakuro: the fiendish new number puzzle craze!
Sometimes called "Cross-sums" or "Kakro", Kakuro is Sudoku's bigger brother.

What is Kakuro? how do I play?
Kakuro puzzles resemble cross-words with numbers; you have 'across' and 'down' clues, but instead of filling in letters, you must use the numbers 1-9.

The aim of the game is to fill each blank square with a number from 1 to 9 to sum up to the clue associated with it. However, no number can be duplicated in an entry. For example a clue of 8 (over 2 squares) could be 1&7, 3&5, but not 4&4.

The Kakuro.com combination helper tool
A great, not to mention infinitely useful little program which shows you all the combinations for any given clue over any number of squares. This tool is completely free to all our visitors, you can download and use it while solving any Kakuro puzzle.

Click here to download the free Kakuro combination tool (250k)

Kakuro Software for your PC:
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